Thursday, July 16, 2015

Summertime Wine Cocktails ~ Vodka, Whiskey & Beer!

It's Summertime!  Time for cool refreshing cocktails.  We decided to take some of our favorites, and give them a wine twist.  This time, adding a little TX Vodka and TX Whiskey!  Part 3 of 3

Cranberry Sparkling Cocktail 

Cranberry juice always makes a great cocktail, as does vodka. We found this Yummly recipe which included champagne and vodka in the mix and had to try it!  As we learned when we made the Bellini, champagne substitute is wine with club soda.  For this cool treat we combined:

  • 2 parts cranberry juice

Served over ice, and topped with club soda (or sprite if you like it sweeter) and this one is simple, refreshing and delicious!

Wine and Whiskey

Since we had brought out the "liquor" in the form of vodka, we wanted to see what wine and whisky would be like.
In full experimental mode we tried this recipe blending:

We were not sure what the end result would taste like, and after pouring over ice and serving, we were delighted it was delicious!  Tip, mix the honey and whiskey together at room temperature or above, to make sure the honey completely dissolves.

Wine Alternative ~ TX Beer

And, if wine nor any of these drinks in this 3 part summer wine cocktail series are your thing, remember, Texas makes great beer!
We loved the Revolver Brewing Blood & Honey and Real Ale Brewing Company's Firemans #4.

Enjoy your summer, lift your glass, and *cheers* to Texas!

Three part Summer Wine Cocktails ~ Go Texan!

Being wine enthusiasts our beverage experience includes knowledge of wine, making of sangria and sipping of other tasty drinking. We knew we needed to keep the recipes simple without too many ingredients, for ease of prep.  A little web surfing got us some great inspiration for these tasty treats.

The Texas players here are
This summer, get out there, try some things, and Go Texan!  *cheers*

~ Lost Oak Indulged