Thursday, June 11, 2015

The Perfect Outdoor Party ~ Turning Lemons into Lemonade

The sun is shining, the birds are singing, the temperature is perfect while you, your friends and family enjoy the perfect vineyard party.

While this is a spot-on description for much of the year in Texas, Mother Nature has a sense of humor and enjoys throwing some curve balls! Take, for example, Monsoon May 2015 in Texas!

To help you bat at these curve balls, we have come up with a few tips that will help you plan your next outdoor event!

Logistics & Layout
When touring a venue, take pictures.  You can refer back to them when trying to figure out placement and setup. Think about your guests and the best flow for them. If things are too spread out,  Granny many never find the cake because her scooter won’t get there!
Guest Comfort
Let’s be real. It is hot in Texas, especially in the summer. When hosting an outdoor event, make sure they always have something to drink. I know you’re thinking they will have plenty of WINE! And yes, you want them to enjoy the wine but water is very important.  It is nice to provide water bottles throughout your entire event to keep everyone hydrated and happy.

In the summertime, provide your guests with bug repellent and sunscreen. Most guests wouldn’t think to bring this to a party so you think of it for them! Don’t get caught trying to enjoy beautiful outdoor scenery while getting snacked on by mosquitoes. In the cooler months (or cooler 2 weeks we get in the Texas winter) blankets are a nice touch!

Keep an Eye on the Sky
Always keep an eye on the weather…. and then watch it some more as it changes by the minute in Texas! Keep in mind you may have to revert to plan B (or plan C or back to plan A) if the weather doesn’t play nice. Your event can still happen it just may not be the exact way you had planned.  It will still be perfect and full of happy memories with the right planning and attitude!   Remember... HAVE FUN!

And Then Plan for More Rain
And then when it does rain make the best of the situation! Focus on the positive and the happiness of the occasion; if you happen to have a little stream running through the middle of your tent… well… have boat races!

Ashley Babatov, Lost Oak Winery Event Coordinator (Who has happily experienced with our awesome guests every imaginable outdoor Texas wedding and party scenario, and made great memories along the way!)